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First Date Ideas

First Dates can be tricky, it’s important to give a good first impression. If you’re looking to impress your date, plan ahead! Make it a fun, exciting outing your date will never forget.  We have some great first date ideas that are sure to be a hit. Remember, you only get one FIRST date!

First Date Ideas

  • Go to a driving range and hit a bucket of balls
  • Mini date- make everything mini. Go mini golfing, make mini pizzas, make mini s'mores (golden grahams, chocolate chips and mini marshmallows) on a mini campfire, or add in other 'mini' activities. ~ Matt

  • Get a giant tarp, a hose, and a gallon of heavy duty dish washing soap. Wet the tarp with warm water (don't want your date freezing) add soap. Spread throughout the tarp so it's nice and sudsy..take a few steps back, run and slide. Adult slip and slide. Soooo much fun! ~ Carrie

  • If you don't already have a pair of roller blades, buy a pair at your local thrift shop (they're always really cheap there) and go to the park, boardwalk or downtown and spend the afternoon cruising around. Make sure to bring a pair of shoes if you want to go any place of business. Most places have a, "no shoes, no service" policy ~Cornel
  • Carve a pumpkin or watermelon
  • Have a fight with canned whip cream! Make sure your date doesn't have nice of clothes on.
  • Shaving cream art on the table - prize for best picture
  • Sock puppet show
  • Play Broom Hockey – Its like hockey… but with brooms…
  • Take picture of people with an instant camera and give them the photos.
  • Miniature Golf
  • Style your girl/boy friends hair! If you feel really crazy, put makeup on them!
  • Build a snowman—Have a snowball fight
  • Play Laser Tag
  • Make a raft and try floating on calm rivers/lakes. (use life jackets and check local laws)
  • Find a big hill and go sledding
  • Visit a Pet Store
  • Go to the Zoo
  • Go on a scavenger Hunt
  • Have a picnic in the Park
  • Go ice blocking (sliding down big hills on a large block of ice--check for permission first).
  • Make kites and fly them at a park
  • Set up an obstacle course in a local park and have a tournament
  • Make outfits for each other out of newspaper then have a fashion show
  • Set up a tent in your front room – eat dinner on a blanket
  • Go ride go-carts
  • Go to an arcade
  • Go night skiing
  • Go to a car show
  • Go Bowling – try getting bumpers and playing for the lowest score, or playing withonly your non-dominant hand
  • Rent a paddle boat or canoe
  • Watch the stars with a telescope
  • Build and fly a model rocket
  • Go boating
  • Go paintball
  • Go cliff jumping – or jump of a local bridge (be extremely careful)
  • Go to an IMAX movie
  • Karaoke
  • Explore a cave
  • Water parks
  • Paint-your-own pottery place
  • Go listen to a local band
  • Water balloon volleyball
    • Directions: Several couples stand on each side of a volleyball net.  Each couple holds a towel stretched between them.  Throw and catch the water balloon using only the towels.   
  • Rock Climbing
  • Have a pirate theme date—Everyone dresses up like pirates, then you follow a map to buried treasure
    • Directions: prep for the date by creating a treasure (maybe cookies, candy, or a fun game).  Hide the treasure and draw a treasure map, with fun clues that lead you to your destination. 
  • Paint each others faces—Use water based paint or washable markers to make your date look wonderful, then go out in public to show the world your new look. 
  • Go to a comedy club—look for a local group, there are a lot of fun comedy groups especially at local universities. 
  • Have a cookie-baking contest
    • Directions: each couple chooses a recipe -- go to the store and have fun finding all the items you need, then return home and bake the cookies (play games or watch a movie while they bake).  Try each other’s cookies and have someone outside of your group choose a winner. 
  • Have a costume date—this can be a lot of fun when you go to see a movie—dress up like the characters in the movie.  
  • Go get some white tee-shirts and Tie-dye them crazy colors
  • You can bake some cakes then put on some blindfolds and decorate them with icing. Try to do some cool designs. ~Jake
  • Scavenger Hunt- Double date, make scavenger hunt for the other couple. It could be something done just in a mall (buying certain food, or finding something in the mall, or something bigger that requires driving around to complete tasks. Requires some prep, but it's fun. ~ Matt
  • School sporting events, usually pretty cheap to get into and school spirit is usually decently high... makes a good first date and is outdoors. Also, can be combined with other ideas such as stargazing afterwards. ~ Whiplesh88
  • Some towns, on the first Friday of every month, do an art show. In Spokane we have a first Friday. Take your date to all the places in town that do a free showing of all the art. Most places have complimentary snacks, and the art is usually interesting to look at.~Jake
  • Clothes pinning
    Directions: double date, each couple gets a bag of clothes pins. Go to a highly populated like the mall or Wal-mart. Objective is to get rid of all your clothes pins before the other couple. You do this by putting the clothes pins on random people at the mall. You cannot let anyone see you do it and the person you are pinning cannot know! And you are not allowed to put more than one clothes pin on a person. It makes the date daring and hilarious! ~ Sara
  • Go to a park and bring chalk and decorate the sidewalk with all your amazing art. ~ Gearld

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